So the rules as presented here assume that you’re somewhat familiar with the original Dawn of Worlds rules.

Round: Dawn of Worlds is played in Rounds. Each player gets a Turn during a Round.

Turn: A Turn is when a Player is allowed to Spend Power to perform Actions.

Power: Power is the basic currency and resource for players in Dawn of Worlds. At the start of each of their Turns, a Player receives 7 Power. If a Player ends their turn with 3 or fewer Power, they gain a Cumulative +1 Bonus to Power Generation up to a Maximum of +3.
Players may Stockpile Power between Turns. Players may also Pool points together.

Actions: Players perform Actions with which to modify the state of the Game World. Actions cost Power and there are no limits to the number of Actions a Player may perform on a given turn as long as they have the Power to perform them. The Power Cost of Actions is determined by the current Era.

Era: Synonymous with Age. There are five Eras: Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Modern, and Armageddon. Each Era adjusts how much Power it costs to take certain Actions. The Ancient Era focuses on Geography. The Classical Era focuses on the emergence of Races. The Medieval Era focuses on the rise of Nations. The Modern Era focuses on the interactions and relationships between Nations. The Armageddon Era focuses on the Decline of Nations.
Eras last for at least Five Rounds. After the end of the fifth Round, players may start voting on whether or not to move to the next Era. After each failed vote, the Yay Votes get a Cumulative free Vote per round (so, 1 free vote in the sixth round, 2 votes in the seventh, etc…).

Race: A Race is a Species that has developed Sapience, a nominal level of “Wisdom.” A Race’s Creator should probably describe them with a short description.

Nation: A Nation is any form of organized People that have the capability to influence world events. As such, they are the primary Actor for players to enact large scale social change. Nations are made up of one or more Races and it may be important to keep track of social demographics as stuff happens. Nations control Territory, though it doesn’t actually correlate to any sort of mechanical benefit.
Nations possess Advancements, which influence Actions taken by the Nation. Each Nation takes one Advancement as they are created.

Advancements: Advancements are things that Nations can gain that give them some sort of Mechanical advantage.

Conflict: Conflict is a thing that can happen between Nations.

Quality: A Short, one-sentence description. Used to quickly describe a Race or Nation or other things.


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