Shape Land/Climate – This Action allows the creation, modification, or destruction of Terrain and Climate within a single Tile Area.

Place Landmark – This is used to denote a Place of Interest, Strange Phenomena, Monuments or World Wonders, and other such things that can be used as Plot Hooks when playing in this world.

Create Race – This Action allows for the creation of a Race. A Race starts with one Quality.

Create Nation – This Action allows for the creation of a Nation. A Nation requires at least one Race. When a Nation is created, set one Tile as its Capital and it takes all adjacent Tiles as its Territory. Nation Capitals cannot be placed adjacent to each other but can be placed inside of the Territory for other Nations (representing some sort of rebel faction).
Nations come with One Free Advancement of the Creator’s Choice.
Like Races, Nations start with one Quality.

Create or Edit Quality – This allows a Player to add a Quality to or change a Quality of a Race or Nation.

Adjust Nation Advancements This allows a player to add, change, or remove an advancement from a Nation.

Expand Nation – This allows a Player to Expand a Nation’s Territory to any Tile that is adjacent to any Tile that that Nation already controls. If that Tile belongs to another Nation, conflict ensues. Nations can’t expand into another Nation’s Capital Tile. Expansion is tiring, though, and the cost to Expand increases by 1 for each attempt to expand for the rest of the turn.

Annex Nation – This allows a Nation to capture another Nation’s Capital. Conflict ensues. If the conquering Nation is successful, it also takes all of the conquered Nation’s territory as its own.

Event/Catastrophe – Something Important has Happened. The Active player may decide a Target and an Event and then ask a round of Fate Questions to figure out the details. Then adjust the map to reflect what happened.


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